Marianne Lane

Professional Background

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with experience providing long-term and short-term counseling, substance abuse counseling, behavioral therapy, crisis intervention, and clinical supervision. In addition, as a Counselor at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office Victim Services Unit, I have managed programs, conducted trainings for other professionals, and worked closely with trauma victims and victim advocates. My practice has focused on working with trauma survivors, crime victims, and those experiencing difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Meaningful Relationships Approach

Engaging with me in psychotherapy allows clients an opportunity to explore their experiences. Through such exploration and analysis, clients are better able to understand sources of unwanted feelings, frustrations, and difficulties. Often these are the results of past experiences and relationships and confronting them allows clients to develop the self-awareness necessary to forge deeper and more meaningful relationships throughout their lives.

Client Individuality Approach

I recognize that each person has an individual path and I hope to serve as a guide on it, listening carefully, making suggestions, and helping you develop the tools, insight and awareness that will allow you to improve your well-being. Together we will develop a plan that is responsive to your goals and that draws upon my training and experience.